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TAJ Bath & Body

  • Mango Butter Lotion

    Mango Butter Lotion

    TRADITIONAL AFRICAN RECIPE 100% Vegetable Based No Animal Products No Animal Testing For centuries Africans have used Shea Butter to effectively moisture and protect their skin from severe dryness, ecezema, psoriasis, ageing, and harsh enviromental...

  • Raw Shea Butter

    Raw Shea Butter

    Shea Butter Benefits for the skin are because of the moisturizers that are present in it that are highly similar to those produced by the sebaceous glands. Shea Butter is a cream instilled with superb moisturizing and healing capacities for the skin. The...

  • Sandalwood Lotion

    Sandalwood Lotion

    Sandalwood Lotion with Thera Neem oil is great for irritated, itchy and sensitive skin. an extraordinarily rich hand and body lotion that combines Neem oil & Jojoba Oil for maximum effectiveness in treating dry skin. We've also added the special...