Essential Oil Package

Essential Oil Package

This 100% Pure Essential oils are packaged with Top quality Euro dropper bottles such as 5ml,10ml,20ml,30ml,50ml,100ml. Choose your own color bottles.
Custom Privet lable are available. Minimum quantity require 12pcs per size. Call 800-390-0825

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Price: $2.50

$2.50 - 5ml
$3.50 - 10ml
$4.50 - 20ml
$9.95 - 30ml
$14.95 - 50ml
$29.95 - 100ml
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Essential Oils (Aromatherapy Oils) are the highly concentrated, volatile, aromatic essences of plants. All the countries of the world provide essential oils, making aromatherapy a truly global therapy. True Essence Essential Oils are true, undiluted essences extracted directly from a variety of flowers, fruits, leaves, barks, roots, herbs and spices.

    Manufacturer: taj
    SKU: EO100
    MPN: EO400

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