1/4 Dram Glass Vials

1/4 Dram Glass Vials

15 mm X 19 mm, 1/4 Dram, 1 ml Screw Thread Comes with polypropylene foam liner caps

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CLEAR SCREW THREAD VIALSOur screw thread vials are designed with a continuous thread "CT" finish, permitting a positive seal, ideal for a variety of uses including laboratory or manufacturer's use. These vials are available in a wide range of sizes in both clear (flint) or amber, and packaged in attractive, white low-particulate cardboard boxes. All glass vials may be ordered without caps, caps attached or caps packed separately. Choose from our standard black polypropylene cap with a polyethylene foam liner, our highest quality, chemical resistant TeflonĀ® liner or a black phenolic Polycone closure.

    Manufacturer: taj
    SKU: B1
    MPN: TEB5000
    Unit: 1

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